by Code Orange

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released 01 October 2011

recorded by Matt Very in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



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Track Name: Cycles (The Days Get Longer)
this depressive disgust comes in cycles.
the same conversations // the same faces
words of worth engulfed in dirt.
all of my substance lost in long winded give ins.
but the days keep getting longer // we forgive each other.
forgive me.
we hang onto threads that are barely breathing // concepts of emotion plague my memories // a myriad of remnants affirming beliefs carved into my mind like holding stone.
i am the beaten horse.
i am self sufficent.
i am nothing.
the days get longer // we lose each other.
Track Name: Walls (We Lose Each Other)
i can feel my bones growing into burdens // i can taste teeth decaying on my tounge.
in all the realizations that fall to dust as the morning comes // where all dissonance drips away and the coldest nights await // moments of sightless rest serve as slights gusts of peace.
until im awakened by dreams drenched in reality // where I watch someone elses hands grace the only thing ive ever loved.
I want to burn like the sun that stains my eyes.
(i want to burn // i want to live)
just to salvage was hasn’t been withered into iron hearts // throats of gold
I have four white walls but no solitude.
I refuse to let your structure fold so let my name dissolve.
i want to burn (like the hope of empty men)
i want to live (like there is nothing else but this)
Track Name: Salvage//Fold
“they sowed there isn’t // they reaped there same // sun. moon. stars. rain.”

my mind is a prison.
i have to escape it.
words spit-to-face that would resonate with the most characterless of creatures// leeches suffer slowly// sucking for something
the only solace I took in those nights spent alone was knowing that I wasn’t.
we are dissapearing acts // just covering ground
untill those moments fade to shades of grey.

“spring. summer. autumn. winter. // he sang his did // he danced his didn’t”

my mind is a prison.
i have to escape it.

“i carry your heart with me. I am never without it. (i carry it in my heart)”

like the weight of the world on my chest.
my soul is a time bomb
my body is a well.
wake up. give up. go to sleep dead.
images of everything that I have tried to change.
i am the same.
i am the same.
i am the same

we are the same.

human condition as a means of separation (from you liars) as a whole
these homes are filled with rats and snakes. they will pick you apart for whatever you are worth.
this water is riddled with the blood and disgust of what came before it.

they will leave me here. they will bury me here.
Track Name: Give (The Rats,They Want You)
the faith in me runs thinner then the water rising to my eyebrows // slowly but surely I am drowning in the wistful body I call my own.
new days bring new dreams to there knees // searching for something // nothing // anything.
hands clenched together in praise while the rhythm pulls away
there are no walls that can hold this.
there is no voice that can save my soul
there are no words that can breathe life into the worthless skin // bones i have grown to call my home.
Track Name: Take (The Soil is Calling)
surrender to the air // let the sky bare this soul free and bright like a lodestar // leading to the sun // warming from both sides // nothing like these killing arms that suffocate true desire .
i cant watch myself live to see the day where I break.
that day is flowing towards me.
like waves gaining pace
like tides that never change
more swiftly.
more evenly.
more quietly.
the endless cycle of give and take // the careful words we have the guts to say
the unfufillment that has numbed my insides and sealed my fate.
i have to give in to the ground below my feet
as we edge closer to those final steps I can hear the earth begging:

“the rats, they want you // the soil is calling”